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What's your
Do you have a clue?

You may or may not "know" your 'IQ' or your 'EQ' and whether you do is likely
neither here nor there. And, if you did or do, what difference has it made in your life to date?

If not much, now what?



To this end we offer you a tool called the...


The Identity-Compass™ measures your "thinking-preferences" and structures, what is known in NLP as "meta-programs". The result is an in-depth profile of your thinking-preferences and sorting patterns. This is a refined instrument that provides great detail and insight into an individual and team.

Through modeling, coaching &/or training we then help you to identify and adjust/adapt how you think, filter and sort in the areas of motivation, perception and information processing to your desired context (work/relationships/recruitment and selection/team-building/acquisitions and mergers, etc.).

Check it out!

Visit http://www.identity-compass.com/us
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Or, contact Elvis Keith Lester,
Licensed USA Identity Compass Trainer/Consultant

Phone: 813-221-5466 or 877-MINDFIRST (toll-free US/CAN).
Email: Elvis@ExecuLearn.com


Just what mental-emotional &/or "psycho-logical" skills & abilities do you require to make what you want happen in life? What specific mental-emotional-behavioral skills & abilities do you now possess and utilize to live your life & do your life's work day in & day out? And, are these "psyskills" & abilities sufficient for you to get what you want & make what you really want happen in your Life with more passion, presence, power, poise & pleasure? If for some reason you think not, then where & from who will you learn them?

Think about it!
Should you increase your PsyQ now?

Find out more on how you can do just that with our NeuroTechnics
SM training programs.